Guide to the client-side of Basecamp

Accept our invitation and start using Basecamp

  • – Find the email inviting you to Basecamp. Usually with the subject line “xxx invited you to Basecamp (Flow Marketing)”.
  • – Click the Join in Basecamp-button.
  • – Enter your details, username and password and confirm. You can also choose to login with Google

Brief overview of Basecamp

Most used are:

  • – Happenings – A calendar that you can add events to for us to be aware of.
  • – Info HQ / Messageboard – Where the 💪 Weekly Updates will appear.
  • – Stuff To Do – Your very own to-do list where you can add requests etc for us.
  • – Filing Cabinet – Folder for you to add files, such as logos and brand assets if required.

How to add a new request

Head to your Basecamp project

  • – Click on STUFF TO DO.
  • – Click on the Add to-do button.
  • – Start writing your request/brief and assign the relevant Flow team member. Add a due date if there is one.
  • – Again, click on the Add to-do button to confirm.

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Weekly Updates

Head to your google tag manager account or click here
We’ll create a Weekly Update every week under INFO HQ 🤓 / Messageboard for your to look at and add any questions you might have.

You can easily find and filter these by the category 💪 Weekly Updates and look for the relevant date. This will help after a few weeks when we have more and more updates.

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