Logo Design


Logo – the emblem or wordmark associated with your brand. Your logo should be memorable, scalable, and have a touch of personality. Your logo is just one ingredient to your branding as a whole, and should fit cohesively with your overall brand image.


Things to consider:

  • Colour: Different hues and tones have certain associations that could help show the personality of your brand. Softer, pastel tones have a different feel to stark black and white. Colour psychology is a great tool for logo and branding.


  • Scalable: Your logo might look great on paper, but what about inside that tiny Instagram circle or as a favicon? Some brands choose to use a combination of a workmark and an emblem together, or a few variations of the same logo – portrait, landscape, and icon for example.


  • Personality: Define the identity of your brand. Is it sophisticated and luxury? Laid-back? Masculine, feminine or unisex? Defining the identity of your brand will depend on your audience. Define both and your branding should visually communicate these.

Flow provided Concept Fitness Systems with 50+ logo designs to choose from with their selected option being one that modernised what was currently in place. The design needed to fit with the branding of their primary wholesaler, Technogym.

Concept Fitness Systems

Concept Fitness Systems Logo Design

Logo by Flow for Concept Fitness Systems