• Heletranz Helicopters NZ
  • Heletranz Helicopters NZ


Heletranz is an outstanding helicopter tours company based in Auckland, NZ. With aerial views and luxury resort stays, they already had some amazing content, but needed us to help bring their brand to social media platforms where they could reach a larger audience. Utilising social media, photography + editing, and thoughtful branding strategy, Flow has been able to give Heletranz a boost in audience and business by making them more easily accessible to potential clients and customers. We work in close contact with Heletranz, as their calendar is very dynamic, so Flow makes sure all events, public occasions, or specialty services are promoted in a timely fashion along side their regular services.

– Branding social media strategy

– Social media management

– Photography + Editing

– Instagram giveaways

– Content creation

– Strengthening partnerships with collaborative brands.


Instagram management. Photography + Editing. Social media strategy. Facebook content creation and management. Ads, promotions, audience targeting, giveaways and collaborations with Heletranz' partners.

Photography, Social Media