Social Media Marketing


Becoming active on Facebook allows you to connect readily with the types of people that are most interested in your brand or business. Build a community around your brand, keep your followers updated with latest news, specials, promotions, giveaways and more. Win the trust of your clients and customers, all while giving potential customers easy access to enquire about or comment on what they are most interested in.

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Get noticed on Instagram and connect with your audience. Over 1.5 Million New Zealanders have Instagram accounts. This audience pool continues to grow and be a part of daily life for more and more Kiwi’s. Our Instagram Management includes branded photography shoots and aesthetic design – creating a mood and feel that matches the character of your business.

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We design content specifically for your audience. Alongside any branding guidelines or aspirations you may have created, Flow utilises professional photography, design, shares, and a strategic approach to finding new fans – helping your page stay updated regularly with eye-catching content.

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Find your match. With strategic promotions, your ads are targeted by demographic, location, age, interests, purchasing behaviours, and more. We also have detailed reporting and analytics to learn about how your audience responds – making re-marketing and refining your promotions a cinch.

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Full Management

You can approach Flow to create content for you to manage, or we can take care of it all for you so you don’t have to. Monthly content plans laid out and approved, full campaigns, and taking care of posts, content, and promotions, all done for you. We are flexible with how much input you want to have.

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