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Instagram Marketing Auckland

Larger percentages of people are moving away from traditional desktop to mobile and tablet platforms in order to view brands, businesses, and products. Having active social media accounts is now the standard to connect with customers.


Let Flow generate leads with stunning photography, thoughtful campaigns, and creative content for Facebook, Instagram and alike. Build your audience and get in front of more people with reach numbers and promotions.


1.2 Million New Zealanders have Instagram accounts as of March 2017. This audience pool is a fantastic opportunity for brands to connect with customers in their own homes, as potential customers willingly consume media content during their day, non-work hours, weekends, and even when they should be sleeping. The use of mobile devices is astounding and gives a way for brands to communicate with customers on a near personal level.


Our Instagram Management includes professional branded photography shoots and aesthetic matching – creating a mood and feel that matches the character of your business.

Create beautiful Instagram pages and make the most of the digital sphere with social media marketing.

Instagram Marketing Auckland

Instagram management and photography by Flow for Lee Stafford NZ 2017

Instagram Marketing Auckland

Instagram management and photography by Flow for Zeosoft Natural Skincare 2017


Lead Ad for North Harbour Ford by Flow Marketing NZ 2017

A single Facebook promotion can reach tens of thousands of New Zealanders. We target specific demographics to suit your brand or business needs, utilizing Facebook’s massive global audience. Nearly 3 million New Zealanders have active Facebook accounts, yet only a small percentage of businesses are taking advantage of this opportunity to get in front of customers.



Part of Flow Marketing NZ’s monthly campaign is to generate leads, inquiries, clicks or foot-falls for clients.



Here at Flow we customize audiences and create content specifically for you.

Tracking Page Likes for one of our clients.

Growing an audience of fans on Facebook allows you to connect readily with the types of people that are most interested in your brand or business. Keep your followers updated with latest news, specials, promotions, giveaways and more. Win the trust of your clients and customers, all while giving potential customers easy access to enquire about or comment on what they are most interested in.


Facebook for Business is a fantastic tool, and we highly recommend developing strong content, killer promotions, and keeping connected with your audience.

Tracking Page Likes for one of our clients.

Facebook Page Likes (Fans) increase with regular updates that include interesting and valuable content for your customers.


Let Flow Marketing NZ manage all your Facebook content, or just promotions – up to you. We work within your needs.


Professional photography, video, and branding strategy are included in most of our Social Media Management plans. Contact us to find out more about our Social Media services and discuss your needs.